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Designed with your pet in mind.

The Pettag+ connected PAHW™ (Pet Activity Health and Wellness) device is the most sophisticated, yet playful hardware for your dog or cat on the market. Our connected PAHW ™, and the mobile app that syncs with it, brings your pet to life in ways you never thought possible. It was designed with fun, fitness, responsibility, ease of use and affordability in mind.

Connect with your pet in new ways.

Raising a happier, healthier pet hasn't really changed, but technology has, making pet-care easier and more engaging. Welcome to the next generation of pet tags. The connected PAHW™ is the first and only pet tag that you can play with that attaches to your dog’s collar!

Step 1. Create your pet's profile

Search the iOS app store or Android marketplace for Pettagplus and download the free app ( available when first devices ship ). Create your profile and circle of caretakers. You can have up to 7 family members or friends and caretakers connected to each PAHW™. You can have as many family members or friends stay connected to the pet and able to view its metrics based on your privacy settings. Then enter your pet's details and don't forget to include their favorite toy!

Step 2. Happier and healthier goals

Your connected PAHW™ measure and tracks ALL SITUATIONS you want that revolve around eating, playing, loving, and activities. The user interface is very simple to start with as shown however the user experience expands over time based on the information you put into the application. The stories YOU CREATE are as endless as the button combos you and your kids can imagine and share. Get ready to play!™

Step 3. Get smart recommendations

Pettag+ sends you situational, motivating , and personalized information at the relevant times for your unique pet. Easily create care goals based on age, breed, and weight. Keep kids, dog walkers, or anyone accountable, responsible and happy to complete their pet chores.

Step 4. Happier and healthier behavior modification

We use scientifically proven methodologies to create more engagement directly with your pet that matters. We can then track, manage and motivate behaviors that lead to happier healthier lives for you and your 4-legged friend. The connected PAHW™ gives you more than a reason, more than a season, it gives you a lifetime of “more” with your best friend.

Step 5. Track down your missing dog

It doesn't happen every day, and it rarely happens to most, but if your dog can't be found, we built in tools and software to help get your 4-legged best friend back to you. We focus on our system of having more tools and training to raise a happier and healthier pet that wants to stay around. When a dog gets the right amount of exercise, food, play and love through accountability, responsibility and proper pet care, the chances your animal wanders off drastically decreases.

The leader in happier and healthier pet care technology™

You and your family benefit most from our uniquely engaging system – blending the experiences of playing a video game by pressing the buttons on the PAHW™. We take that information and add it to the data of your phone’s GPS location while actively synced to the pet's device, along with the time of day, combination of buttons pressed, acceleramotor in the device,
and geo-fencing technologies.

Get Ready To Play™

Food / Treats

Affection / Medication

Walks / Play

Adventures / Stories

Built to last.

This device is made of ABS plastic ( the same plastic used for the colored iPhones ) and features translucent buttons made of “dog durable” TPE rubber. The device screws together with four small screws and is sealed with a waterproof gasket. The device's buttons are backlit by LED light to confirm that the buttons were pressed and can the LED can be turned on for nighttime walks and play.

No tedious charging stations.

The device runs on a watch battery, with a battery life of approximately one year with normal use. Thanks to this battery power, the device never has to be taken off to be recharged. We found the 2nd greatest hurdle to connected pet device adoption besides price was having to remember to recharge the device. All the benefits of having a connected product only matter if it works. So you have to ask yourself, am I really going to remember to charge this every 3-5 days or do I want something easy and simple that I can put on and don't have to worry about for a year.

Stay connected.

The device is equipped with Bluetooth 4.0 (BLE) technology with a range of 75 feet. It has an accelerator to track and store walks, exercise, and other adventures. All button inputs update to your smart device automatically. As long as the app is running in the background of your smartphone — and within range of the the device — the app updates without needing to directly interact with your phone. (You can leave it in your pocket!)

Personal, Social, Find Your Dog

Each device features an individual QR code on the back that is unique to your dog's profile. Once you enter your dog's info and add the tag information, the QR code will link to your dog's profile. The device uses crowdsourced GPS with no monthly fee. Using the Pettag+ network and iBeacon technology the app will connect with other users to show your pups positioning.

Get your connected PAHW™ now

Pettag+ is a wearable technology for pets which provides interactive pet care activity monitoring and tracking delivered in a fun game-like user experience. Unlike Whistle and Tagg which only provide passive pet movement monitoring. Pettag+ offeres pet owners a wearable, interactive pet tag and Smartphone App to record, monitor, and track all facets of pet care.

We put the PLUS in pet tag. Pettag+ #Plusit with the ones you love most.

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